FlamMag is a natural type Magnesium Hydroxide.
It is used as an effective flame retardant and smoke suppressant
in aluminum composite panel, HFFR cable, and PVC cable.

FlamCompound is an environment friendly flame retardant compound
for aluminum composite panel. We have developed this compound with
accumulated technologies and experiences over a decade. It displays low-
toxic, low-fume, excellent flame retardancy by adding inorganic flame
retardant filler in polyethylene resin.

FlamCaO is produced from high-quality limestone from South Korea.
Calcium oxide is widely used as a moisture absorbent in rubber and plastic
compound since it can absorb moisture up to 30% of its own weight. It is
coated with fatty acid to improve dispersion and to prevent from absorbing moisture during storage.

ActMgO is a high purity magnesium oxide with a very high surface area. It
is recommended for use in rubber & plastic products as an anti-scorching/
curing agent, acid acceptor and stabilizer, as a thickening agent in fiber-
reinforced polyester compounds (SMB/BMC) and for chemical applications
which requires high reactivity.

ElecMgO is used for insulating filler of tubular heating elements.
Tubular heating elements are widely used for such applications as
irons, hotplates, electric kettles and industrial equipment
like molding machines, hot sealers, water boilers.
Electro-fused Magnesium Oxide powder plays a role in insulating the
electric current running through the wire and effectively conducting
only the thermal energy to the tube.

Stearic Acid derived from both Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil and are
produced from the splitting of fats at high temperature and pressure.
Common applications for fatty acids include rubber processing,
candles and cosmetic products.